Hello We are London Mac Shop

London Mac Shop is a pureplay e-commerce shop that sell refurbished apple computers.

Our Process…

London Mac Shop Products are pre-owned Apple products, tested, refreshed and certified for sale. Every unit we sell at Lonon Mac Shop undergoes our comprehensive refurbishment process prior to being certified for sale as summarised below.

Directly related to the refurbished products that we sell , we ensure that every apple computer is correctly graded in accordance with the external and internal condition so to enusre that you are given all the relevant information that is required so you can make the most infromed buying decision and that you know exactly what product you will be receiving.

Regarding London Mac Shop online store and the term refurbished in relation to the computers we sell – Refurbishment mean that London Mac Shop Ltd purchase pre-owned computers , bring them into our technicicans labs and recondition them which can mean that certain parts are replaced and or changed.

We ensure that every computer is comprehensively tested and is working correctly before being dispacthed to you, our customer. In addition to refurbishing and testing our computers, we pride ourselves conducting and completing stringent process check on any third party provider that we may use on occassion.


Our Process




We Test Our Computers

We carry out detailed checks on oour computers to ensure that we sell computers that work and function as they should. We test the internal and the external integirity of the computer carrying our a comprehensive health check of each computer. We also take detailed photographics images of your computer, inside and out with a full dated satmped record of all model part and serial numbers.

Refresh and Recondition

Each machine is refurbished replacing parts when required.  A fresh installation of Mac OS X is performed to give your Mac that out of the box feel, ready for registration with your details and is protected by a 6 month hardware warranty.


Prior to being disptached and just for extra care each machine is given a thorough clean and re-test of system processes and placed into a final Quality Assurance check.  After a final technical and visual check the machine is certified for sale.

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