Everything you do on your computer makes use of the hard drive, its the memory of the computer and works in conjuction with the processor, mother board and RAM. Its a really important piece of gear. You get different types of hard drives, different speeds and different storage capabilities. Storage refers to the amount of space you have on your computer for your documents, holiday snaps, music, software and anything and everything else that you want to store on your computer.

Get the facts on storage.

There are four main types of storage, read on to get all the important info about them so you can make the best choice on what storage is ideal for you.

Online storage services

As we briefly mentioned above, you can also save your files online, with services like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud. Each service lets you store your precious photos, videos and work documents securely, so that you can access them from anywhere and on any device. Each service will offer a certain amount of storage space for free, and if you need more, they also offer subscriptions for extra space.

Storage VS Memory – Whats the Diff?

Your computer’s main memory is called RAM. You can think of it as a workspace the computer uses to get work done. When you double-click on an app, or open a document, or, well, do much of anything, RAM gets used to store that data while the computer is working on it. Modern computers often come equipped with 4, 8 or more GB of RAM pre-installed.

There’s also storage – a hard disk drive or solid state drive where data is recorded and can stay indefinitely, to be recalled as necessary. A tax return, for example. Or an email. By comparison, RAM is “volatile” – the information that’s put in there disappears when the power is turned off or when the computer is reset. Stuff written to disk stays there (unless there’s a problem).


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